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The Narrow Gauge Railway

A photo of a Steam Locomotive

The original railway started operation in 1898 and the last freight train ran on the Jokioinen Railway on the 31st of March 1974 from Humppila to Forssa. The track between Jokioinen and Forssa was then pulled up. The museum railway has operated between Jokioinen and Minkiö since 1971, using the original carriages and steam engines. The line between Minkiö and Humppila was also lost in 1975. However, in 1994, this 8-kilometre, 750-mm-wide narrow gauge track was rebuilt and the length of the line is now 14 km.

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The operation of the line is based on volunteer workers. On summer Sundays, there is a cafe and souvenir shop at Minkiö station. You can travel by steam between June and August on Sundays. Appointments can be made to travel at other times.
For more information: tel.+358 3-4333 235 or +358 40-552 5322


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a photo of a steam Locomotive





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