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The Wendla Garden



 The Wendla Garden was opened in 2008 as part of the 5-year anniversary of the Sustainable Use of Genetic Resources programme.

It houses old plants that have grown in the Jokioinen Estate park, FinE-species and other plants of interest.

There are also trees to cast shadows in the future.

Both plants of use and decorative plants are represented in the garden





Address: Humppilantie 9 , 31600 Jokioinen
The Garden is located close to the Tietotalo, behind the white pigshed building on the southwest hillside.


Pictures are from Tietotalo building, Humppilantie 9A


Official address

Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke)
Viikinkaari 4


+358 29 532 6000

Email addresses

Luke’s email addresses are given as


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