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Water management

In Jokioinen the water distribution and partly a minor amount is handled by the municipality’s water treatment plant. The municipality buys most of its water from the Jokioisten Vedenhankinta Oy, which is one of the municipality’s larger industries and locality research facilities owned water acquisition company. The Jokioisten Vedenhankinta Oy owns two water intakes and one of the municipality’s water treatment plants water intakes. The ownership of the downtown water silo is split by the municipality and the Jokioisten Vedenhankinta Oy.

The community’s wastewater is handled by the water treatment plant in its area of operation in Jokioinen. The industry has in use two privately used wastewater cleansing facilities.

The water network of the treatment plant and the Jokioisten Vedenhankinta Oy nearly covers the entire municipality excluding some few locations near the borders of the municipality. The sewage network covers the central of the town and Humppila’s transfer sewers such as the areas of Kiipunmäki and the station of Minkiö. 

There are three small water consortiums in the municipality, where one of them also handles the areas wastewater cleaning.


Plan of improvement

The plan of improvement for the water treatment covers the entire municipality. The plan of improvement presents the affecting areas of the municipality includes water treatments improvement needs and measures, measures that affect the economy of the water treatment plant and environmental effects.

Furthermore, the plan presents the outlooks of the improvements such as organizational policies, connecting the improvement plan with another and the improvement of the community structure. 

The improvement plan communicates to the current and future citizens of Jokioinen on how municipality handles and improves the treatment of water.

There have been formed a joint water treatment plan for the years 2013-2023 for Jokioinen, Forssa and Tammela.



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