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Chimney sweeping

Chimney sweeping services were released on 1.7.2019.

The laws concerning the arrangement of the chimney sweeping services were passed on 1.1.2019. Regional chimney sweeping contracts in Kanta-Häme have been terminated after the transition period on 30.6.2019.

From this point onwards, only a person with a professional degree on chimney sweeping can offer chimney-sweeping services.

The responsibility of the buildings owner and the possessor to take care of the fireplaces and chimneys have stayed the same. The same goes for the sweeping deadlines. Chimney sweeping at a primary home must be done annually, meanwhile on a vacation spot at least in three year time. Unused fireplaces and chimneys don’t need to be swept. If the fireplace and chimney have been unused for at least three years then it must be swept before it can be used.

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